GNC #964 Hilton Social Media Experience

I take some time today to talk about the Hilton social media experience I had on my families vacation. I think you will find it very refreshing. Of course I share everything about the trip and a new program I am launching here called the GNC 1000. Plus all of the tech news of the day and update you on my Transformation.

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Show Notes:
Join the Resistance Today on iOS!
Hacking Polls and Public Opinion.
No 4th Amendment Protection in the Cloud.
Demand Net Neutrality!
Battle for the Net only a few hours left to comment!
Verizon vs Netflix continues.
Dish wins where Aereo Lost.
Get that old Type Writer out.
Chow lifts off to ISS.
5 Tesla dealers approved for PA.
Astronomy Ingenuity.
One hour Counter Offer.
Will you be Wiretapped?
Microsoft Really?
Download it now before its gone!
Techdirt Sued for 10 Million Maybe.
Did they really trust them in the first place?
787 Flight demonstration.
Fair Use Battlefield.
Cool Cooler.
$99 PC to compete with Chrome.
Don’t be an Idiot.
Experimental City.
Blacker than Black.
Nickle and Gadgets.