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Robot Underpants: 07.09.14 (161) “Potato Salad Shaming”

Posted by Langley at 12:18 AM on July 10, 2014

Baron Mathew “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines bring you this week’s important news including the following topics: Soccer, Shaming is the new Bullying, Potato Salad, Comic Con, Weed Legal in WA, Politics, Insane Clown Posse is a Gang, Columbusing, Homestar Runner, Fake Batman Superman Script, Six Million Dollar Man, and more!

* World Cup: Germany Kills Brazil
* Potato Salad Kickstarter
* Legal Weed
* ICP Gang
* Columbusing
* Homestar Runner
* Fake Superman Script
* Six Million Dollar Man

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