GNC #960 Facebook is Experimenting on You

Facebook is Experimenting on you, and if you think it sounds evil, it really is evil when you get into the nuts and bolts of what these maniacs where doing. Nothing like a good old brain washing to start your day courtesy of the Facebook evil scientist!

I cover the rest of the tech news and update you on my Transformation.

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Show Notes:
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Facebook Evil Experiments #1.
Facebook Evil Experiments #2.
FireTV is a Data Pig Heads Up!
OnePlus One.
Malware Poised to shutdown the world.
Politicians are all the same.
What ET Sees when he looks at us.
The 5th Element.
Casini at 10.
Super Cooling Organs.
Honda Personal Jet!
Bitcoin Surge.
Record Setting Kick Starter.
Boycott Keurig.
Ads in Space Sign me up.
iPhone 6 Picture leak.
Cool Movie coming.
Robot Writers have Arrived.