GNC #956 Back in the Saddle

Great week on travel, I catch you up with what has transpired and also all of the latest tech news and information. Be one of our new GoDaddy users this month as well and save large below.. I also update you on my Transformation.

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Show Notes:
Coffee Anyone!
Portland to get Google Fiber?
Is AI dangerous?
Next 20 years of Tech.
GMO Orange Bananas.
Game of Thrones Piracy Numbers.
Patch Office 2013!
Con Man Selling Stem Cell Treatment.
Drones Invade World Cup.
GM has another Recall.
Amazon Phone on Wednesday.
Bionic Pancreas.
Jony Ive #1.
Jony Ive #2
Sat Images cleared to 12 inches.
Simply Ridiculous.
Seattle legalizes Uber, Lyft, Sidecar.
Loot Crate!
Earth Halts Spinning.
USS Enterprise Virtual Tour.