GNC #952 WWDC Announcements!

Apple did not disappoint today with one exception no discussion what so ever about the Apple TV. So I will keep on hoping. I break down the announcements along with covering the tech of the day I update you on my Transformation.

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Show Notes:
WWDC Roundup.
8 Huge New Features.
Condensed WWDC Keynote.
iCloud versus Dropbox.
Android Malware King.
Parental Purchase Control in iOS8.
What is Apple trying to Kill?
Device List that will Support iOS8.
Botnet Farm Taken Out.
Pixar Software Announcement.
Send your Comments to the FCC.
Wordpress SEO Plugin Vulnerable.
Comcast gets egg on their face.
Reporter Appeal Fails.
Two Patent rules struck down by Supreme Court.
Inside your Dish Washer.
Peter Sunde Captured and Locked up.