GNC #948 Will your Car Kill You?

What happens when your autonomous car is programmed to kill you! I cover that and a whole pile of tech news and information.

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Listener Links:
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Mind Controlled Prosthetic.

Show Notes:
Will your car Kill You?
Big Cables – Big Lie.
Canada Netflix Speed Ranking.
SAM Packs.
Navy EReader for Subs.
Tweet Take-Downs in UK.
License Reader gone bad.
FCC Net Neutrality Hail Marry.
Nest and AC Units
Firefox to ad Ads on launch window.
Windows 8.1 Upgrade Deadline.
Got a spare 180k.
New Marine One revealed.
AT&T Buying DirecTV?
Office for iPad explodes in downloads.
YouTube kills of RSS finally.
Cooking Channels tips from the best.