GNC #947 The Battle Begins

You will not believe what the TWC Chairman had to say.. He actually said Mobile Broadband was a competitor to their business.. Think he needs to step away from the crack pipe. I have a pile of tech today standby for an entertaining hour.

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Show Notes:
Comcast should be paying a Toll.
Comcast Hoodwinked Netflix.
TWC makes Absurd Claim.
No Lower Bill with Merger maybe Higher.
Masks to wear in Public?
DNA Manipulation.
Don’t write a Negative Review.
Adobe Voice debuts.
Office Mix Screencast.
Donate Bitcoins to Campaigns.
Powdered Alcohol creator fights back.
iPhone 6 Camera Improvements.
Putin controlling bloggers.
Apple outlines law enforcement steps to your data.
Moon Orbiter Shoots Earth.
13 Billion Year Universe Video Model.
Sprint set to throttle top 5%,
Beats to be purchased by Apple?
Most Ridiculous Patent Approval yet.