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GNC #945 Did Seti Make Contact?

Posted by geeknews at 12:43 AM on May 2, 2014

Microsoft has a patch out for their big zero day bug. Make sure you do the update ASAP. There is 50/50 chance that we have a positive SETI contact.. I take you through the detection mechanics pls a very big stack of tech news.

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Show Notes:
Contact with ET is at 50/50.
Yahoo says screw “Do not Track
Apple, Facebook, Microsoft to change privacy reporting.
Zero Day Vulnerability patched by Microsoft.
Comet Lovejoy after encounter report.
SpaceX Ocean landing Video.
Mars Rover takes a new Selfie.
Jamming Man gonna pay the FCC a cool $48k
Cox Move to 1gb Broadband to compete with Google.
Android and iCloud.
*Florida Kid Stupid App saves the Family.
Verizon crying to the FCC.
Enable Firefox Http Caching.
Basic Programming @ 50Yrs.
Google remembers where you parked your car.
Travel Adapter for Mac.
Wahoo Heart Monitor.
Robotic Bees.

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