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GNC #943 Roots

Posted by geeknews at 12:46 AM on April 25, 2014

Well I was gonna share how I trashed my computer, but I got wrapped around the axle on another topic at the beginning of the show. Bit of a vent tonight go back to my roots before we get into the tech..

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Show Notes:
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Wake up America!
Comcast has everyone in their pocket.
FCC to destroy the Internet?
FCC to create Toll Trolls.
Netflix says Comcast Double Dipping.
Big Changes at Google+
Bloggers ordered to Register and wear Blogger Badge in Russia.
Origins of Clean Room.
NASA ISS Model you can build.
Nerd Paradise is not where you expect.
Apple Security Risk to Users!
Start Menu is finally coming to Windows 8.1.
FBI Informant was Cyber Attacking Foreign Governments.
Battery Backup that can Jumpstart your car.
Tesla Direct Sales to be backed by FTC.

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