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GNC #941 Total Eclipse

Posted by geeknews at 12:42 AM on April 15, 2014

I hoped to have a camera on the eclipse tonight but the clouds did not cooperate. Had a great time in the North West but glad to be back in the stucio here. Send your comments about the show or any other info to geeknews (at)

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Show Notes:
What Light we do not see a Light NASA.
Dragon Space Craft Payload.
Landing a rocket in the ocean what are the odds.
Log Analysis peers into phone calling patterns.
Don’t buy a scale on Amazon DEA may come knocking.
Idiot Teen gets arrested for insane Tweet to American Airlines.
Google Patent for Camera in Contact Lenses.
Sound Cannon to be used by Missouri DOT.
Police use Live Google Earth to track criminals?
Get Glass on the 15th only good luck.
FBI to catalog 52 million faces in database.
Office Online is now Available in Chrome Web Store.
Sony Walkman Baffles kids using it.