GNC-2014-03-17 #933 Big Bang Excitement

The Big Bang was in the news in a big way today. Congrats to the scientist involved. I cover all the tech news and then some on today’s show…

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Show Notes:
Big Bang Expansion.
Robert Dickie.
Big Bang Inflation.
Physicists Informed.
Giving up ICANN oversite.
Warner Brothers and Kick Starter.
Cross Platform Gaming.
Pandora Big Win.
Navy Ships Guns.
Health Tracking by Apple.
Dyson Recall!
Quad-Copter Video
Amazon Video Streaming Device.
Facebook Facial Recognition Software.
Rep Peloci is scared of OGA.
Brain Hacking.
Seattle Limits Uber.
LINE Service worth looking at.
(Airbnb 2014-2015)
Do the Crime go to Prison.
OneNote Free.
Walmart Trading Games.
Breakthrough in Hydrogen Generation.