GNC-2014-03-10 #931 Comcast Cash

Yes you to can get Comcast Cash as well if your a congressman, I cover how Comcast has cash flying in the air like an out of control ATM machine.. 25 years on the net, I take you on a time machine back to 1989 and talk about the first idiotic domain I purchased that I still have today.

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Show Notes:
Comcast Cash.
BitCoin ATM.
Alzheimers Blood Test.
Personal Data Brokers.
The Web at 25.
Ukraine Nukes.
DSLR Versus Smart Phone.
Google Search Engine Change.
DVD Ripping Software Seized.
Nuclear Bunker for sale 337K Steal!
Verizon on Subsidized Phones.
Audi LTE Starts at $15/mo.
Mcafee reveals startling numbers.
Pono Player.
Canceled Security Talk.
Apple TV Update.
New Security Dongle.
Comcast Burns Netflix.
Stun Gun Drone.
Asteroid Hunter Rewards!
Apple Spaceship Details.
Google Search in App Age.


  1. says

    Thanks to your “heads up” I looked up the Pono Player on Kickstarter early Wednesday morning, but the “early bird” offers for the Pono Player with $100 savings were _already_ sold out. (It wasn’t there yet when I had searched for it on Tuesday.)