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GNC-2014-02-17 #927 Asteroid what Asteroid

Posted by geeknews at 12:56 AM on February 18, 2014

Did I miss something important? I really do not remember them talking about the Asteroid that had a far encounter with Earth today. Regardless there is news today and I have a pile of it to share. No complaints so far with the show notes.. We will see how long that lasts.

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Listener Links:
Microsoft gets push back on XP program.

Show Notes:
The “Secret’ App.
1 Million more Accounts Hacked at Forbes.
California Dust Bowl.
Linksys Exploit.
Olympic Picture Processing Insights.
India’s 75 Million Mars Mission.
Allcast Demo.
Navy Laser Ready.
Utah towns score gigabit net.
Banking Trojan.
Auto-complete Experiment.
Valve Calling Home to Mama?
Valve denies tracking your browser but….
Time Warner + Netflix set top box inclusion at risk.
Snowden Lawyer gets shake down at Heathrow.
Lunar Orbiter sends back a image.
Eric Schmidt New House.
GoPro IPO.