GNC-2014-02-10 #925 Buried

Twenty-Five Percent of the way to show #1000. I make a confession in tonights show, I am simply buried and have been trying to dig out for a month. It’s a good thing but I am simply at 110% task saturation.

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Listener Links:
Netflix Performance.
Twitch Explosion.
Fake Hacking by NBC.

Show Notes:
Windows 8.1
Google Glass Glasses.
Verizon Video.
Flick @ 10.
1GBPS in Austin $65.00
YouTube Embeds and Chromecast.
Comcast Hacked.
4k for 3k!
Space History.
Looking back 13 Billion years.
SpaceX goes Large.
New Credit Cards.
Game of Thrones Teaser.
Bill Gates on Reddit.
FCC Fines a Building.
NASA to rent Moon?
Secret Social.
Water on Mars!
TV Sales on Decline.
Amazon R
Nano Rocket Ship.
Brain Implant.
ASUS Vivo Tab.
Twitch at 1 Million?
Freedom Pop.
Apple TV 4?
Space Heat in Hunt for E.T.
Paypal CEO CC Swiped.
Bing and Bitcoin.
Intel Low Power GPU.
Setup Groupon Deals on your own!
Netflix Speed and Verizon?
Aliens by 2040.
RC Snowplow.
Fund Right Arm.
Flappy Bird Saga.
Flappy Bird for $1000.
Sears Car Pickup!
Rackspace and CEO Retirement.
Facebook Tweak Kills Traffic.
Bad Bad Likes.
Google Takes over Blimp Hanger.