GNC-2014-02-06 #924 Congrats are in Order

Congrats to the new CEO at Microsoft. It’s going to be a wild ride.. Huge thanks to the GNC fan base you all delivered big in picking up products from our long time sponsor GoDaddy.. Huge kudos… Sometimes it is better to not know something, especially if that something is something you cannot talk about. More details in the show tonight.

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Show Notes:
Gates and Microsoft.
Hacking in Russia during Games.
Roku to get Themes.
When we Die.
Verizon under scrutiny for Net Neutrality.
UTAH hates Fiber Enterprise.
Something Stinks.
Patent Troll Battle.
Bionic Hand that senses.
Solar Efficiency.
IRC Network Upset.
Uberconference and Hangout.
Mars Rover = Dune Buggy.
iOS 7 Jailbreak Update.
Apple Hates Bitcoin.
Aereo back in Action.
Cory on DRM.
Copyright weakens Security.
U2 Manager Idiot.
Watchlist by Mistake.
Microsofts Rotten Apple.
Newegg Premier.
Olympics IT.
Troll gets 3.2 cents per Router.
Google 1st data center bill.
Twitter Stock Slammed.
Football Sized Water Heater.
Vungle Lands Funding.
Klout Changes Course.
Nuclear testing grounds.
Linkedin Earnings.
SOCHI Opening Info.
Line Scores Big.
Chromebook for Meetings.
50’s Flight Sim.
Remote Control a Car!
Coke and Keurig.
Sochi Cameras in Showers?
Curiosity sees Earth.