GNC-2014-02-03 #923 Employee Monitoring?

What would you do if your boss could monitor every movement, action, word, and conversation. Seems pretty crazy doesn’t it. Well this could be coming to a workplace like yours. I have some changes to the codes we have available from GoDaddy, details on the show tonight.

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Show Notes:
Slave Wages.
The Mars Rock and Shatner.
iPhone 6 Rumors.
Virtual Boss.
Crazy GoPro Video.
Google Now Notifications in Chrome.
Browser Hijack Warning.
Apple 30 Year Video recorded on iPhone.
North Korea Home Grown OS smells like Copycat.
Power Loader.
Prenda takes a beating again. reverts to paper complaints.
New Bill on Net Neutrality.
59,000 Requests.
Microsoft leaks 8.1.
More Credit Card Leaks.
Olympic Photographer Gear Pack-out.
Chromecast SDK released.
Autonomous Convoy.
Pebble App Store.
Apple CDN.
Car Talk by 2017.
Gaming Op Editorial.
New Domains Exploding.
Google Barge has to go.
New Brain Surgery.
Bill Gates is Back?
Government Waste.
Learn Code Versus French.
LED for Los Angeles.
iO8 Focus Health?
Paper App Battle?
Apple Crackdown.
FCC to Spend more on Schools.