GNC-2014-01-30 #922 Data Mining Credit Cards!

You are simply not going to believe what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is doing in data mining 96 data points on your credit card! This is a gang buster show hold on to your hat. The audio is a bit hot on this show, will get it dialed back a lever got bumped.

See the teaser video below that GoDaddy is airing for Superbowl. Some lady is gonna quit her job live during the Superbowl. Plus see our GoDaddy Superbowl Special follow the GoDaddy Link on this website.

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Show Notes:
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
California Laws Suck.
Pure Evil.
Drilling Magma.
Kansas has lost their minds.
Loosing @n Twitter by a Hacker.
Part 2: Paypal Denies giving Data.
Part 3: GoDaddy Admits Issue.
AT&T Evil.
$500 Media Center.
New Rocket.
New Comet.
Flipboard Rework.
NFL Now.
Carrier Merger in Doubt.
The App that Tracks.
Facebook ReTweet.
Wired Space Photo.
1 Million Subscribers.
Fair Use Hearing.
FCC to allow IP Phone test by Carriers.
China Copy Cat?
$100 for Xbox One for PS3 Trade in.
Twitter Shut me down.
Leaked Samsung App.
Time Warner to update LA and NYC.
Purchase Food on Foursquare.
Cosmos Preview.
Google Earnings.
Zynga Lay Off.
Microsoft CEO Pick.
Amazon Prime Increase.
Crunch Fund Round 2.
Apple Plant.
TGP #142.
Shovel Snow in Antarctica.
Amazon Earnings.
Windows 8.1
Yahoo Change Password.
Facebook Paper.