Robot Underpants: 01.22.14 (137)

Join hosts Mat “Langley” Luschek, Eric Rice and “Starman” Michael Gaines, discuss Star Wars news, Robocop news (new video clips!), Google Glass and Homeland Security, Google Glass and Sex, Google employee gets protests at his home, Tivo stops making hardware, Porn is digitally removing condoms, Dogecoin and more!

* Robocop News
* More Robocop Clips
* Star Wars Rumors (Carrie, Mark and Harrison to start filming in March)
* More Star Wars Rumors (Boba Fett spinoff rumors)
* JJ Abrams is done w the Star Wars script
* Possible Pixar Star Wars movie
* Google Glass in a theater means a call to Homeland Security
* Sex and Glass
* Google Protests Escalate 
* Tivo hardware to end
* Condoms in porn? Fix it in post.
* Superman / Batman rumors (possible spoilers?)
* Jamaican Dogecoin Team
* Tarantino depressed over script leak

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