Fitness Technologies announces world’s first plug-in AM module for free access to AM radio

UWater K9We’ve grown accustomed to exercising with music — dating way back to a walkman, and continuing though the era of the MP3 player and now the smartphone. But strapping the increasingly large screens to our side or arm is becoming more difficult. Today’s five inch screens simply aren’t conducive to this.

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which kicks off next week, Fitness Technologies will be showing off its new waterproof module that brings MP3s along with AM and FM radio to the active person.

“Until now, the only choices for AM on-the-go were bulky, old fashioned AM/FM transistors or limited Internet radio access via smartphones using data plan minutes and requiring expensive protective cases, too big for many lifestyle activities. “We saw a need to combine AM broadcasting with our existing waterproof line of FM and MP3 micro players”, stated Opher Pail, President of Fitness Technologies, Inc.  “We have many customers over 55, a group comprising the lion share of AM talk radio and news audiences, and we are very pleased to enhance their audio experience with our easy to use, affordable, new plug-in AM module”, the company announces today.

You can check it out on the company’s web site and, if you’re planning to attend the show, then you can stop by booth 6826 and check it out.