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StrapShot by CottonCarrier Review

Posted by geeknews at 2:36 PM on October 20, 2013

strapshotI am by far not a professional photographer. But when we go to CES we have to carry a ton of gear and I have been often seen to be fumbling to get my DSLR out and shoot something. Often missing a shot because I have been juggling gear.

A few weeks ago I received a standard PR pitch for a piece of gear I knew I needed but had not yet found. Based on the description and the pictures I thought the StrapShot by would fit the bill. I asked for a review unit and they where nice enough to send one over. I pulled the backpack I used for CES out of storage and rigged up the StrapShot to the backpack.

To describe how this works is pretty straight forward. You pick a strap and connect it up. Then on your DSLR you install the adapter to the standard camera mount. So when your wearing you backpack you just snap into the slot the DSLR. They provide a safety strap as well so if for some reason your camera gets bumped out of the holder it will not crash to the ground.

I wore this around Honolulu the past week and got stopped at least 50 times by folks asking me about it.. So I am not alone in looking for this solution. So know I can have the camera within easy grasp for a quick shot then I can have it back in the holder just as quick. I am often humping a video camera on a tripod and really need both hands free, yet need the DSLR ready for a quick high quality snap at a moments notice.

The best part the StrapShot accessory is only $79.00. They have additional products that have garnered my attention as well. Visit and I can almost guarantee you will be breaking out your credit card.


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