DropcamPro Review

dropcamI do not often do reviews on devices that I purchase on my own. Recently I purchased the DropcamPro and having had a variety of WiFi cams did not have really high expectations. Upon receipt I went through the setup instructions and by far it was simplest setup of any Wifi Cam I have owned the camera was live and streaming in under 5 minutes.

But what really wowed me was the video quality. The quality was so good even with the lights out that I really am impressed. So much so that I feel they do as good a job as the professional installed security cameras we have here. I had not really thought of using these cameras as potential security cameras before but I do now. If we did not already have the other security cameras in place I would buy 3 or 4 more and stick them in strategic locations around the house.

I have opted to have my camera be publicly viewed publicly at a set schedule for now, but will likely make it private in the future. Its really easy to forget that it is turned on and I would not want to have one of my kids or me embarrassed some point down the line.  While the camera is a bit pricey @ $199 you can tell they put a lot into the design, camera and electronics as it just simply works.. Expect the Dropcam to be with us at CES.