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Anker Astro 3 External Battery Review

Posted by geeknews at 5:19 PM on October 20, 2013

astro3Last year I purchased 4 10,000 mah Anker External Batteries for CES. The team used them to power our Mifi’s for 18 hours a day.. This was one of my better purchases in 2012 as they where life savers and really did a lot of heavy lifting in keeping not only the Mifi’s charged but also our devices.

The folks at Anker have upped their game in releasing the Anker Astro 3. I think they where listening to my feedback, because in this latest release they have included 3 USB Charging ports. One that is a smart port that can actually detect the type of device and charge it at the optimal charge rate.. Example: iPad 2.4A, iPhone 1A, Android Phone 1.5A, Android Table 2.0A. To my knowledge no one has done this before. Additionally they have two ports that are clearly labeled universal and charge at lower amperage rates..  The Astro 3 will put out a max of 4 amps at any given configuration which is as good as being plugged into the wall.

Operation is simple there are no buttons you just shake the Anker Astro 3 battery when you have it plugged into the device, and a small led display will blink showing you that it is charging, and the remaining charge level. There are a lot of players in this space at this time which is keeping things competitive which is good.

Here is the best part it is on sale at this very moment for $49.99 on Amazon… They are also selling external chargers for there batteries and devices so I have linked to those as well.