Apple iPhone iOS 7 Looks Like a Cartoon!

Today was my first real exposure to iOS 7 and when I look at the new design, it makes me want to go buy an Android. Sorry the new interface looks cheap like a old school cartoon. If this is all the designers at Apple could come up with, I think they are in for a major beat down by rabid Apple fans who have not really been paying attention.

Some may say this flat design revolution is what is in, but I don’t think that’s working real well for Microsoft at the moment.

Here is my prediction. While the new iPhone 5C is cute and colorful, you will not catch very many grown men with a green phone in their pocket. My 17 year old daughter is definitely the target demographic for the 5C. But after she looked at the screen shots of iOS 7 commenting that the the interface looked like crap I am not sure she will be a potential customer as well.


I am sure the fanboys and hipsters will be over here to bash my opinion. But count me as unimpressed. We have all been screaming for a bigger phone / screen, and what do they deliver the same form size with only 3 major enhancements. Sorry but the Samsung Galaxy is starting to look like my next phone.