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TGP – #119 – XtremeMac Bluetooth Connect Audio Receiver

Posted by Gadget at 5:36 PM on August 22, 2013

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #119 hosted by Don Baine.

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The BT Connect and BT Home Connect Portable Bluetooth® Audio Receivers — enable non-Bluetooth home or portable speaker systems into wireless devices with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) quality sound. Now, previously non-wireless audio systems can easily be controlled from an iPhone®, iPad® or any Bluetooth enabled devices, achieving better sound quality than MP3 formats.

With a unique, compact design, the XtremeMac™ BT Connect receiver allows music lovers the ability to unleash music wirelessly, turning a previously non-Bluetooth portable speaker system into a wireless one.

Both the XtremeMac BT Connect and BT Home Connect receivers utilize AAC Codec – the standard format for mobile Apple products, to achieve better sound quality than Sub-Band Coding Codec (SBC) format. After initial set-up, the XtremeMac BT Connect and BT Home Connect receivers remember your mobile device’s Bluetooth connection for easy access, with an LED indicator that confirms connectivity.

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