Duracell PowerMat Review

Wireless charging has come a long way in the past couple of years, the first year we saw Wireless charging at CES a number of years ago we did not know how long it would take for the technology to become mainstream.

powermattWhen Duracell jumped into the Wireless charging space we knew the product had come of age. Duracell introduced the Duracell Powermat some time ago, but I recently had the opportunity to test one.

I received a 2 device base station $39.99 and a PowerSnap Kit for my iPhone 5 $99.95.  This package is really slick, the PowerSnap kit which is two parts includes an AccessCase which allows wireless charging, and a SnapBattery which gives you 2x the battery powersnappower without the bulk.

You place your iPhone or related product on the PowerMat, and the phone gets charged without plugging anything in. The PowerMat and the PowerSnap Kit are sold separately so you can order the combination you need..

This is really the only way to charge a phone. I do not have to worry about cables. All I need to make sure is that the phone is put on top of the elegant base station. The charge times are comparable to plugging in

I know there have been a lot of initiatives to place wireless charging stations at major venues and some food outlets. You just have to keep your eye out for the Wireless Power symbol.  See the box for details.

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