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I’m in a .NYC State of Mind – New York Gets Top Level Domain

Posted by J Powers at 4:52 PM on July 2, 2013

Hey! Yo! Yous Hearin This!?!

New York city announced that ICANN approved its request for the .nyc top-level domain. This is the first city to do so.

“Pursuing the .nyc top-level domain has been a goal of Mayor Bloomberg’s Digital Roadmap from the start”, said Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer, “and this caliber of innovation keeps New York City on track to becoming the world’s leading digital city.”

To get a .nyc domain, you must reside in a “bona fide” residence – meaning you can’t just have a P.O. Box. Even though that may be the case, you most likely will not be able to bid on domains like and

Back in 2008, a proposal was put forward to obtain the top level domain. Now that ICANN has opened up this option, New York was quick to grab it.

Top 12 possible .nyc domains?

  9. LaGuardia .nyc

To get a top level domain, you must apply with an application fee of $185,000. There is no mention of how much an .nyc domain will cost.


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