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Facebook Photo Comments: Let the Photobombing Begin…

Posted by J Powers at 7:25 AM on June 20, 2013

Yesterday, Facebook announced they have added photo functionality to comments on their social network. When you go to, you will see a camera icon in the comment box. It only allows you to attach an image – not take a picture directly from your webcam. This functionality only shows up on the webpage, but is expected to be in the iOS and Android apps for the next major update.

Photo comments now available in Facebook

Photo comments now available in Facebook

Facebook lead engineer Bob Baldwin announced it on his Facebook page. He also brought Emoticons to the Facebook timeline a few months back. They developed it during a hackathon with several others.

When I’m talking with a friend, sometimes showing a photo helps me tell a story much better than words alone. If we’re hanging out in person, I can show a photo from my phone, but on Facebook I’d have to post a link to a photo. Now, you’ll be able to attach a photo directly when posting a comment. I hope this will make threads with friends more expressive and engaging.

Photos fall under the regular terms of service, so go ahead and photobomb away, but be respective.

Update: If you log in to Facebook via your web browser on your mobile device, you can upload or even take a photo.