Waka Waka Power Review

wakaIn the past couple of years I have seen a large number of solar solutions tied to simple products that charge a cell phone to ones that can charge an entire battery array.

The folks Waka Waka have come up with a pocket sized solar charger with two LED lamps, which can charges phones or shine 40 hrs of light on an 8 hour charge.

I started out by testing to see if the 500 mah battery could indeed be charged in the 8 hours as claimed in the material this was accomplished by putting it on my Patio Table and leaving it out all day. I will admit that it was not directly facing the sun all day but I still showed a full charge after 8 hours.

What I like about this product is that it would be perfect to go in a survival pack or to take camping when you simply want to keep some cell phones charged. I like that it doubles as a flashlight and the LED lights are bright enough that you could use it at a camp site or remote location.

The lights have three level settings and can even be put in a emergency mode to flash SOS. This was a nice added feature. With the solar part of  the unit being waterproof you do not have to worry about a lite rain shower but the unit itself is not a 100% waterproof which I feel is lacking.

With its unique stand a filled water bottle could be used as a makeshift table for the unit. Priced at $79.00 this should be in the price range for someone looking to keep a few cell phones charged while out and about.