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Swann SkyDuel Helicopter Review

Posted by geeknews at 7:50 PM on June 16, 2013

swannWe do not often review toys here at Geek News Central so when the Swann SkyDuel Remote Helicopter pair showed up.. I turned it loose to my two teenagers and then had them write up the review. The following is the write up of their experience.

The Swann Sky Duel is a fun product for the price point of $70.00. It cannot be used outdoors, it has decent maneuverability in larger rooms so the best place for use to fly these where in the garage.

Though the battery life is not very long, they are able to sustain the plane for a decent amount of time. However, when the battery is running low, the planes effectiveness drops off enormously. We averaged about 5-6 minutes of flight time per charge. Going along with that, the Helicopter battery takes a long time to recharge compared to the amount of time it can be used.

The Infrared Controls work well and does not drop. The Trim adjustment is effective but in many cases it is unnecessary. The infrared shooting a selling point of the helicopter is poor due to the fact that it’s hard to keep the RC Helicopter in place once it has begun moving. It is hard to maintain one altitude as the Controller’s elevation switch is difficult to handle but I was able to improve on altitude control over a half dozen flights.

If the Helicopter rotor hit an object, the rotor immediately stops moving and allows the Helicopter to fall to the floor. Luckily, the Helicopters did not sustain any heavy damage, and the entire set comes with many replaceable parts that are easy to manage and use for repair. Overall, the Swann Sky Duel is a nice product

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