Penclic Mini Wireless Keyboard Review

penclicIf your like me you over time you prefer one keyboard type or another. The keyboard that I am in love with today I have 5 on the shelf in case the manufacture discontinues them. I am always typing on the keyboards in the big box stores checking out the key action, sounds kind of weird but I spend all day typing on a keyboard and it is an important tool.

The Penclic Mini Wireless Keyboard arrived to review and the first thing I did was open the stylish box to check it out and was a bit taken back as the packaging reminded me of the type of care apple takes.. So I slowed down a bit and probably for the first time in a while did not have to get scissors to get to the gear.

While the keyboard title says its a mini it really has a pretty standard keyboard layout. Like any wireless keyboard their was a USB thob to get it to connect to my computer. What struck me was that the designers of this keyboard delivered a flat black non gloss surface that was nice to touch.

The key action was a little stiffer than the current keyboard I use today. Probably pretty close to what a typical notebook keyboard feels like in key spring action. It is quite lite weight and I was worried it would not sit stable on my desk and in my opinion it could use a few more rubber feet on the bottom of it. While it did not slide around it lite weight could be a negative for some.

At $69.95 the price is aligned with the rest of the wireless keyboard market. But let me say this in closing if you are into minimal design and like a clean desktop you are going to love this keyboard.