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Google Music Debuts All Access at I/O 2013

Posted by J Powers at 12:15 PM on May 15, 2013
Google Play All Access

Google Play All Access

“So do you guys want to hear about music?” asks Chris Yerga.

At the Google I/O event, Google announced their rumored music service Google Music All Access at the opening Keynote. The new service lets listeners use tracks on demand to create stations of songs as you listen. The service witll cost $9.99 per month. Early users will get a $7.99 introductory price and everyone gets a 30 day free trial.

Yerga talks about Google Play and the relaunch of the Google Play store. He hopes to remove the “Chore” in creating a playlist.

“Music unites us. It’s universal. No matter who you are or where you’re from, the joy of music is a constant. With ubiquitous mobile devices, there’s the potential to bring that music – bring that joy with us – wherever we are” says Yerga. “It felt more like work. When we were kids, figuring out what album to play was an event – a ritual. So why is it feel like managing my queue feels like a chore?”

Google set out to build a music service to help guide us through it. From their locker service 2 years ago to today through Play music. The All Access app will allow you to create “Radio without rules”. You can swipe to see what is coming, you can reorder music on the fly and more. All access blends my catalog with millions of other songs.

In addtion, the Listen now part of All Access brings a minimal effort list to your device. These are songs from artists you enjoy refreshed every time you use it.

All Access on Computer

All Access on Computer

Google is betting on this being the music you will make a ritual on. 

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