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New Tek Lowers the Price of the TriCaster 450: Are They feeling the Heat

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 7:01 AM on April 8, 2013

NewTekNewTek has lowered the price for the TriCaster 455 by $6000, it is now $9995. The TriCaster 455 is described as “the affordable, integrated solution to produce your 4-camera, 14-channel, HD live show with maximum creative firepower—but with minimal proportions.”-(NewTek) Within the podcasting community the TriCaster was made famous when it was first used by Leo Laporte and TWIT. For the longest time if you were a podcaster and wanted to do your shows live, the TriCaster was the way to go. Now though there is a new player in the field, LiveStream which offers the LiveStream Broadcaster, and the Studio Family of Products. The Livestream Studio™ HD50 is $6,999 and the Livestream Studio™ HD500 is $8,500. Both which offer similar options that the TriCaster offers for a much lower prices.

If NewTek the maker of the TriCaster is feeling the pressure than this is good for the live video podcasting community. True competition is always good, it leads to lower prices and better products. If this means a new TriCaster is on the way, well that is even better, either way it is good news.  The TriCaster 455 is an excellent product and this offer is only good until June 27, 2013.  If you are thinking of buying a TriCaster this is the time.


  1. From leydon at 7:03 am on April 8, 2013

    RT @GeekNews: New Tek Lowers the Price of the TriCaster 450: Are They feeling the Heat: NewTek has lowered the…

  2. From leydon at 7:04 am on April 8, 2013

    @GeekNews I’d argue that Blackmagic are giving NewTek more of a run for their money.They offer very similar solutions for fractions of price

  3. From LuzieNews at 7:30 am on April 8, 2013

    New Tek Lowers the Price