AZDEN SGM-DSLR Shotgun Microphone

We can not all be media content producers, but for those who are the tools are getting better. For those shooting audio and video content there are two things that you must have — a quality camera and microphone.

AZDEN is aiming to be the audio solution end of the problem. The company describes it as “a broadcast quality shotgun microphone the new SGM-DSLR is designed to meet the demands of the advanced DSLR user. Unlike the plastic housing of many competitors’ microphones, the all metal SGM-DSLR with its’ shock-mount holder eliminates camera lens motor noise. Additionally, its long metal lightweight barrel offers superior directionality and wide response. Powered by a supplied LR-44 battery, the SGM-DSLR comes complete and includes: a shock-mount microphone holder with shoe”.


The new microphone will be retailing for $240, which is not a bad price for something of this quality. The company also offers other audio products as well.

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