Has CNET Lost all Credibility due to CBS Rules?

cnetCNET the once independent tech news service is now being told what they can, and cannot report on by parent company CBS. The once darling of the tech space is now just a pawn of the CBS owners who are not allowing CNET to be a independent news arm.

First was the fiasco at CES where CNET had to rescind an award to Dish and the Hopper, now it is the restriction of reporting on Aereo both of which are being sued by CBS. It is obvious that the parent company CBS is now completely in control of what CNET can report on.
I pity the team at CNET for having a gag order put on them by CBS. It is very obvious that this flagship tech reporting site will continue to have troubles with mother CBS!

The real question that now has to be asked can CNET be trusted to report tech news fairly with the rough handling by CBS?