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Withings Makes Technology to Keep You Healthy

Posted by JenThorpe at 5:54 PM on January 24, 2013

Withings Smart Body AnalyzerWithings was at CES 2013 with two products that are designed to help people track certain aspects of their health. The idea is to use the information to improve one’s health and to be able to stay healthy. Many of us have sedentary jobs and are very comfortable with using technology, so these products seem like a perfect fit for today’s world!

The Smart Body Analyzer is not just your ordinary bathroom scale! It is the first smart scale. Use it to find out your weight, body fat, and heart rate. Put it in your bedroom, and it will monitor the air quality and CO2 level for you.

The Smart Activity Tracker is a new device that was announced at CES 2013. Put it in your pocket, and it will measure your heart rate as you go about your day. It can also calculate the number of steps climbed and determine your blood pressure.

Both products will be available at the end of March 2013. The Smart Body Analyzer will cost $149.00. The price of the Smart Activity Tracker has not yet been announced.

Interview by Jamie Davis of the MedicCast and the Nursing Show for the TechPodcast Network.

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