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Livestream Introduces Live Streaming over Verizon 4G LTE

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 10:31 AM on January 21, 2013

LivestreamDuring the live stream coverage of CES 2013Geek News Central as part of the Tech Podcast Network used Livestream. Livestream introduced a new product during CES. The product is a part of their broadcast unit family. It will allow someone to broadcast live without any wired or wireless connection. It uses Verizon’s 4G LTE connection to do the streaming instead.

All you need is a camera, a HDMI cable and the broadcast unit. The broadcast unit will have a built-in lithium battery which will provide up to three hours of live streaming per charge. Prior to CES getting into full swing the Livestream team was getting a great connection. As with any network connection, speeds may vary depending on how congested the network is and the strength of the signal.

At this point there is no pricing available but they hope to have the units available early Q2. There will also probably be a fee from Verizon but at this point the fee is unknown. If you do a lot of live streaming in the field and have a Verizon contract then this is definitely something you will want to look into.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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