CES 2013 Quick Stats and Assets

ces logoI want to thank all of the Geek News Central listeners and viewers for their support of our coverage of CES 2013. The front of the website was dominated by CES coverage over the past week. The team here @ GNC will be posting well over 300 articles from CES in the coming weeks, and we hope that you enjoy each of the segments.

This years coverage did not come without major expense studio cost alone where close to $20,000 and we had additional cost with unanticipated security needs which increased coverage cost another $1800. If you liked our coverage we would hope that you would contribute $21.00 each $21.00 contribution will pay for one hour of our 88 hours of security needed at the studio. Your $21.00 contribution is greatly appreciated.

Here are some raw numbers that we are seeing so far. Our live blog has seen over 4111 hours of live viewing if you missed it you will want to check it out.

We want to thank the folks at Livestream who provided our Ad free live coverage, we are still working on the stats for the live coverage and will report that at a later date. The segments are available to view although the need some cleanup here.

There is a pile of content coming in the next couple of weeks so be sure to get subscribed to the special media feed so you do not miss a single article.


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