PowerSkin Unveils Next Generation of Battery Cases at CES 2013

PowerSkinXPAL Power, Inc., is the maker of the PowerSkin line of cases for smartphones. They are shock-absorbing, battery-boosting, and compatible with both Android and Apple iOS devices. As you can see from the photo, the new line comes in some very eye catching colors!

PowerSkin is showcasing its new line-up at CES 2013. The Pro Series are a line of iPhone 5 battery cases. They feature a double-injection, TPU bezel with a soft touch, hard plastic shell. They come in 5 colors: white, black, titanium, red, and pink. Each has 2000 mAh of power and an LED indicator light on the front that you can glance at to do a visual battery check. The PowerSkin Pro line is the PowerSkins slimmest case yet.

They are also showcasing the PowerSkin Hybrid Battery Charger. It has small, flexible, suction cups that adhere externally to the back of your smartphone. It connects via a soft, flex tip to a micro-USB, Apple 30-pin, or Apple Lightning connector. This allows users to recharge their device without having to remove the current case. The PowerSkin Battery Charger has 2000 mAH of power capacity and can extend power between 50% and 70% (depending on the mAH of the device being charged). These also come in black, white, titanium, red, and pink.

The PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone 5 has a new ultra-thin angular shape. The iPhone 5 Designer Series PowerSkin will extend talk time for up to 6 hours and Wi-Fi usage for up to 8 hours with its 1500 mAh power capacity. It has an on/off button to activate a charge of turn the PowerSkin off. There is a LED battery level indicator, making it easy for you to tell how much juice you have.

PowerSkin is unveiling the Ultra Thin design for the Samsung Galaxy S III case at CES 2013, (including 2 limited-edition colors).

PowerSkin is at CES 2013. You can find them at the Venetian Las Vegas Casino Hotel & Resort in Suite # 28-111.

Image by PowerSkin

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