LG Optimus G Initial Review

Over the past 3-4 weeks I have been carrying a LG Optimus G and using it in my day to day cell phone use. Up to this point I have not had a lot of exposure to Android based mobile phones. I have a couple of tablets and was always underwhelmed by their performance.

First of all let me say that the thing that blew me away from with this phone was the 4.7 inch screen. The screen on this phone is simply incredible. I compared it with a iPhone 4s and it blew that phone out of the water from a screen quality perspective. Putting it head to head with the new iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S III, I  give the Optimus G the edge over the Samsung phone but call it dead even with the iPhone 5.

The second thing that was incredible is the performance, this phone is an animal it simply never slows down. The quad core performance is stellar and simply smoke checks an iPhone 5 hands down. I loaded multiple apps including  gaming apps and switching between them was near instantaneous.

The third thing that I want to talk about in this initial review is the camera. The forwarding facing camera is a incredible @ 13 mega pixel. Their is a slight bump on the back of the phone to accommodate the camera. The pictures are simply stellar and the video quality is equally good.

The LG Optimus G has a 4.7 inch screen that has a very small outside edge buffer which ads to the wow factor. Even at this size it fits in my pocket cleanly and is not noticeable. One thing that I have been doing is handing it to every Android phone user that I run into. This phone from a quality standard should have no issue comparing with Samsung offerings.

Note: The specific model I have been using is the Sprint version of the phone the LS970 Model. Subscribe to my show where I share more intimate details about this mobile phone.

Disclaimer: I have been provided this phone to review, all reviews at Geek News Central are carried out with actual utilization of the device or product in the real world.

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