Robot Underpants #78 – 12.05.12

Langley, Eric, Mike and Annika Skywalker kick off the show with Justin Bieber porno news. Then it’s into MySpace, Tron, Robocop, Terminator and other fantastic stories of the weird and nerdy.

* Ghostbusters News

* McAfee Arrested

* New Star Trek Trailer

* Bieber Sex Tape? (NSFW)

* Showgirls News

* RoboCop (barely) News

* Terminator News

* Duck Duck Go

End Track:

Swedish Columbia 1: The First Two Years [2008-2009]Triobelisk
“Distant Star” (mp3)
from “Swedish Columbia 1: The First Two Years [2008-2009]”
(Swedish Columbia)

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