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WordPress and Jetpack combine for Annual Report

Posted by Alan at 5:33 AM on December 31, 2012

2012 Annual Report

I you run a blog then odds are you are using WordPress  as your content management system. One of the most popular plugins is Jetpack — a great solution for site stats that provides much better information than what is provided by default. Now the two have combined for an interactive annual report.

It is not clear which is behind this, or if WordPress is providing this information to non-Jetpack users, as the email comes from WordPress, while the site linked within it takes you to a location. Either way, it’s a interesting, and highly interactive look at your site’s 2012 history.

Included are lists of top posts by traffic, top commentors, where the traffic came from — location, referring site and more. The email went out early this morning and a link also now appears at the top of site stats page. It also allows you to make the stats public and share them with your readers.

“Our stats helper monkeys have been busy putting together a personalized report detailing how your blog did in 2012!” Live @ 2013 International CES

Posted by geeknews at 5:05 AM on December 31, 2012

Tech Podcasts Network (TPN), a community supported website dedicated to promoting technology on the Internet, will for the third consecutive year be broadcasting live at the International CES conference, Jan. 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In 2013, has partnered with Livestream, which offers event owners a complete set of hardware and software tools to share events with a growing community online.

“This year we have companies lining up to be scheduled for our live programming. Even more exciting we will have three floor teams covering the rest of the show floor, and expect to provide a platform for as many as 400 companies at the show to get exposure,” said RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane, founder of TPN and host of Geek News Central.

The Livestream partnership will provide an enhanced viewer experience including:

  • An ad-free platform.
  • Live blogging.
  • Facebook integration.
  • Interactive chat.

The past eight years, millions of consumers and technology enthusiasts have tuned in to TPN’s coverage of CES, providing the largest contingent of independent coverage of the show providing the latest technology information and trends. TPN’s impact from CES 2012 included:

  • 37 million consumer video impressions (and counting).
  • 210,000 social media mentions / links.
  • 320 PR firm mentions.
  • 191 vendors used in video interviews on their corporate websites.
  • 287 produced vendor video segments.
  • 45 hours of live studio coverage.
  • 670,000 live viewer hours / 14,000 live viewer average per hour.

A team of 20 from will be showcasing extraordinary, innovative and unusual products. Consumers eager to see what new tech toys and trends bound to set the pace in 2013 will follow the coverage of CES, returning for authentic insights into products and tech trends.

RawVoice is the parent company for the broadcast and Blubrry media communities and directories that offer content creators the power to make money through advertising, receive detailed audience measurements and host their audio and video.

For more details questions, contact Todd Cochrane @ 808-741-4923 or

Time to De-Clutter Your Social Media

Posted by JenThorpe at 5:07 PM on December 30, 2012

bigstock-Window-cleaner-using-a-squeege-30983438Happy New Year! Now is a time when many people make New Year’s Resolutions. This year, instead of making one that you know you won’t follow through with, try something that you can easily achieve. Clean up your social media!

Social media can be fun, but it can also be a time waster. One way to make it work for you is to do a little gardening. Keep the healthy “plants”, and get rid of the “weeds”. When you get done, you will have crafted your social media into a more pleasant and enjoyable place to visit.

Start with your Facebook account. There are a couple of helpful apps that can quickly remove or replace unwanted posts from your Facebook page.

Tired of looking at countless photos of the brand new baby of your friend from high school? Unbaby Me will replace the baby photos with cat photos. (You can select something other than cats if you prefer).

Social Fixer got a lot of use during the recent presidential election, as people used it to eliminate all those political posts. If your Facebook friends are still stuck in November, you may want to give Social Fixer a try. You can set it to remove posts that contain a series of words of your choosing, (which could be something unrelated to politics if you prefer).

My way of de-cluttering my Facebook account was to completely and entirely delete it. Those of you who are still on Facebook might want to read a Forbes article that was written by Elisa Doucette. She walks you through a variety of ways to use the tools within Facebook to tailor what you see from your Facebook friends.

I’ve learned a lot about how to make my Twitter experience a happier one. Go to a particular Twitter user’s page. Find the button with the silhouette of a person on it. This is where to find the helpful tools in Twitter.

Got a friend who re-tweets a bunch of stuff that you have absolutely no interest in? You can turn off their retweets. There is also a button that you can use to block Twitter users whom you do not wish to hear from – ever.

I use this one when I find a Twitter user who appears to be using his or her account specifically to start fights, encourage drama, and to generally be a person who “does not play well with others”. How do I find these people? Usually, they get re-tweeted into my Twitter feed. The people you block lose the ability to communicate with you on Twitter.

You can also make lists on Twitter. Put all of your family members into a list. Check that instead of your main feed for important news and updates from your loved ones. Make a list of podcasts that you listen to, or of the Twitter friends who all play a certain video game. Narrowing down what you see can save you a lot of time!

Image Stock Photo Window Cleaner Using a Squeegee to Wash a Window by BigStock

TMS-2012-12-29 #71 GeekWire in the House

Posted by geeknews at 8:59 PM on December 29, 2012

I am joined by Co-Host Rob Greenlee, and guest Todd Bishop from we talk about tech topics of the week and where we at with Windows 8. Apologize no Video on this one..

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Android winter wallpaper released

Posted by Alan at 1:39 PM on December 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland!

Just a few days ago Google released a small set of holiday wallpapers, but now the holidays are almost past and the dark, cold days of winter stretch out ahead of those of us in the northern hemisphere — exception for Todd and his Hawaiian paradise. Now it is time to switch to a new winter wallpaper.

Thankfully, the folks over at Android Foundry have stepped up to the plate and pushed out a nice one. The image depicts two of the little green “men” playing in the snow, along with a snowman and pine trees as a background.

The image is free and comes in multiple sizes to fit pretty much every device.

2012 is about to draw to a close and we can all move into a new year with resolutions to break and new technology to look forward to. In the meantime, there is the big Times Square celebration in New York City. You know, where the ball, or apple, drops? It may not be any better than Trafalgar Square in London or the harbor in Sydney, but it does have its own app.

The “Times Square Official Ball App” has become available for those using both Android and iOS devices. This year’s version brings along some great features to get you in the festive mood.

Simplified design, updated for 2013
Much better video stream compatibility
Better support for a broad range of devices
– Tablets
– New larger screen phones
Lots of tweaks and fixes!
International support for photo uploads

You may not make it there live, and honestly you probably wouldn’t want to, given what those in attendance go through for a spot, but you can enjoy the moment on your device, even if you can not catch it on TV.

Now, if only Dick Clark were around to make it just that one little bit better.

Download the Apple app here.

Download the Android app here.

GNC-2012-12-27 #827 Last GNC Show of 2012

Posted by geeknews at 11:37 PM on December 27, 2012

Happy New Year everyone, this is the last GNC show of 2012. We will do a Saturday Morning Tech on Saturday and then it is off to Vegas for CES. I have an incredible show for you on today’s show and also some fantastic insight into what we are going to dish out for you during our week in Vegas. We are gonna really blow your minds with what we have planned.

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TGP #87 – Freeze Alarm – Multi-Meters – Wire Strippers

Posted by Gadget at 7:28 PM on December 27, 2012

Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #87 hosted by Don Baine and produced by Mike Baine.

This week we review three practical gadgets. Ever worry about your pipes freezing when your away from your home – enter the freeze alarm!
Test Signal. Sends voicemail alert when indoor temperature drops below 45 degrees
Runs off a 9-volt battery for a full season
Works with touch-tone telephone lines only
Continuously calls every 15 minutes or 2 hours
Nothing to install and no tools required

We also show you some very handy electrical gadgets you will want in your home – Multi-Meter and a wire stripper – What type to buy – what to avoid.

Plus our regular feature – free and very useful apps and software to help make your day more enjoyable.

Sit back and relax while you watch The Gadget Professor.

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Need to cross China quickly? There’s a train for that

Posted by Alan at 10:27 AM on December 27, 2012


China loves its high-speed rail lines. Now the country is boasting that it is even faster and cheaper to go from one end to the other, with the “longest” high-speed rail line in the world — a staggering 2,298 kilometer stretch of metal that reaches from north to south across the nation.

The new trains move at 186 mph and run between  Beijing in the north and Guangzhou in the south. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the ride will still take eight hours, but that is much faster than the previous twenty that this journey used to entail.

Plus there is an added bonus — the $139 price tag for a ticket to go the distance is considerably cheaper than flying. although it does still take more time than traveling by air. Still, a slightly slower journey at a much-discounted price represents real competition. Now, if only services like this would come to the United States, where our infrastructure is in great need of a serious upgrade.

Image High Speed Train by BigStock

Yamaha RX-V373 5.1-Channel AV Receiver Review

Posted by KL Tech Muse at 9:54 AM on December 27, 2012

Yamaha RX-V373Recently my old Kenwood receiver gave up the ghost. It was time to replace it anyway, it was so old that it had a connection for a tape deck and a laser disc player. So over the holiday I picked up a Yamaha receiver, model RX-V373. This is part of the RX-V series of receivers. It is a basic receiver, but it has all the inputs and capabilities that I was looking for.  It has the following input and outputs.

  • 4/1 HDMI inputs/outputs,
  • 2/1 components inputs/outputs,
  • 4 composite video and audio inputs
  • 1 composite video and audio output.
  • 2 digital audio inputs (optical)
  • a USB jack
  • 1 headphone jack
  • FM and AM connection

You can connect an iOs device to the USB jack and the receiver will recognize the music on it. You can than play and control the music through the receiver, using the receiver’s remote control. The receiver will also recognize the music on a USB drive. Since I don’t have a iOs device I haven’t been able to test the iOs capabilities. I did connect a USB drive that had some music it on it. I could view what was playing and do basic functions, like play, pause, forward and rewind. Everything was in text and there was no album art. Using the digital audio input and a Toslink cable I was able to connect my Mac Mini to it. Now I can listen to my music library in full stereo.

As I said before this is a good basic receiver. However if you are looking for a smart receiver that you can connect to your network and has more advance capabilities this is not the receiver for you. If you are looking for a new receiver the Yamaha RX-V373 is currently available on Amazon for $249.95.