CarBot : An RC Car You Control With Your Phone

CarBot is the world’s first micro-robotic toy that you can control with your iOS or Android device. It is made by Desk Pets International. To make CarBot go, you must get a free downloadable app and a SmartPhone adapter (which is included with the purchase of a CarBot). The adapter plugs into your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device. The micro-robotic car has a built-in battery. It also has a USB flip down charger.

There are several different ways to play with CarBot. You can navigate it through a maze, or you can find a way for it to get around obstacles. Race your CarBot against your friend’s or sibling’s CarBot. It is also possible for two CarBots to battle each other.

Desk Pets International has been named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for CarBot. You can check out CarBot in person if you attend CES 2013. Desk Pet’s CarBot will be on display in The Venetian at the 2013 International CES, from January 8, 2013, through January 11, 2013. The event takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All Honorees of the International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards will also be displayed at CES Unveiled: The Official Press Event of the International CES. You can see CarBot in the South Seas Ballroom C at Mandalay Bay on January 6, 2013, from 4:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m.

Image by Desk Pets International