Facebook is Phasing Out Questions

It appears that Facebook is starting to phase out its Facebook Questions feature. You may have used the feature to answer a question in a poll that one of your Facebook friends put together. The Facebook Questions feature was something that everyone on Facebook could use in order to get a “crowd sourced” answer to a specific question. It could also be used to set up a poll. Ask a question, set up a few, specific, options for potential answers, and wait to see which one got selected the most.

Recently, Facebook made a slight change to the Facebook Questions feature. Pages, events, and groups are still able to use it. However, individual users are not. The option no longer is available to them.

If you are one of the many people who has created Facebook Pages or Groups for your podcast, guild, book club, or school club, then you can still use Facebook Questions. The difference is that individual users cannot ask questions from the top of their News Feed anymore. You should still be able to see questions that you’ve asked in the past by going to your Activity Log.

Personally, I never used the Facebook Questions feature. I think my husband set up a couple of polls for one of our podcasts, just for fun. I just never saw the purpose of setting up a poll on my personal Facebook page. To be honest, my first choice for getting a “crowd sourced” answer to a question is Twitter, not Facebook.

In short, the Facebook Questions feature still exists, but in a more limited fashion. There is some speculation that perhaps Facebook is getting ready to launch an actual search product. There really aren’t any solid details about what, exactly, that is going to look like or how it will function as of yet.

I think it would be cool if Facebook would create a functional search engine that would let you easily find all the coupons that are scattered through Facebook. I also think it might be a bit of a privacy invasion if random people could search for, let’s say, a political party, and have their results show the comments that various Facebook users have made in regards to that topic.

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