Google Doodle Celebrates 46th Anniversary of Star Trek

You are probably are aware that Google frequently transforms their usual logo into a variety of interactive ones called Google Doodles. They created one to celebrate the 46th Anniversary of Star Trek. It’s awesome!

The letters in the word Google have been given eyes and are wearing Star Trek uniforms. The crew of the NCC-1701, from Star Trek: TOS (that’s Star Trek the Original Series for those of you who aren’t Trekkies), are represented in the Google Doodle. Start clicking around, and you are bound to find something interesting. Click on the Google Doodle version of Uhura, and her communications earpiece sparkles.

I love that Google included things that appeared in different episodes of Star Trek: TOS. Tribbles fall out of panels, and form a large pile on the floor. Kirk beams down onto a planet and fights a Lizard Man, (and abuses the poor “Red Shirt” that beamed down with him in the process). This Google Doodle is a delight for fans of Star Trek.

Here is a video of everything that the interactive Star Trek Google Doodle does, in case you missed it while it was “live”. When I watched the video, I realized that I missed a few things while I was playing around with this Google Doodle.

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