FeedBurner Shutting Down?

It seems the folks over at FeedBlitz are using scare tactics to try and get people to abandon FeedBurner, and switch to their service. Since late 2005 I have questioned why bloggers, podcasters & anyone else on the net would trust a third party with one of their most valuable digital assets their RSS feed.

FeedBurner has done a couple of things to make one raise a eyebrow!

  • FeedBurner.jp domain abandoned and  10’s of thousands left high and dry!
  • FeedBurner Blog Shut down by Google?
  • FeedBurner Twitter Feed abandoned?

Back in 2005 when Feedburner was still held by a private company, I made the following comments on this website.

“Feedburner has a nice service but the question remains why would 100,000 people trust a third party to update and maintain the lifeblood of the one single document that connects most sites to their readership. The trend is quite shocking”.

In August of 2005 Leo Laporte found out the hard way what he was giving up by having Feedburner “duplicate” his feed.

I have cautioned and warned content creators over the years that you do not need to use FeedBurner,  so now have Feedblitz spreading fear that FeedBurner may be shutting down, trying to entice people to use their service.

Personally I do not think that FeedBurner is shutting down, but feel you should always have a contingency plan if they do. Let me be very clear “If you where ignorant enough to use FeedBurner in the first place, don’t be foolish and switch to a service that is crying wolf and suggesting Feedburner is going away!” Some will consider that over the top, but I am serious ask yourself why you need this service. You do realize they are largely just copying your feed don’t you?

Here are some simple facts:

  • Modern browsers handle RSS feeds fine.
  • Blogging platforms have been creating valid RSS feeds way before Feedburner came on the market
  • Podcasters using Smartcast need to read this article on PodcastFaq.com
  • Podcast Statistics are not accurate from FeedBurner
  • Their is no reason to intrust your most valuable asset to any third party every.
  • The only person you should trust you rss feed with is you.

Geek News Central RSS feeds have been the same since this blog launched, and the Podcast feed has been locked in since day 1. Do you realize the value in that?

I own my brand and control my own feed do you?