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TGP – #69 Get Off Of MY Cloud – Build your own!

Posted by Gadget at 8:29 PM on August 16, 2012

Welcome to The Gadget Professor’s NetCast. Show #69 hosted by Don Baine.

The CLOUD, The CLOUD, The CLOUD, that is pretty much all we are hearing, seeing and selling today in technology. You can name literally hundreds of companies that implore you to “backup” your personal and business data to the CLOUD. Do it automatically, do it manually – you don’t want to lose your data – access your data anywhere, anytime, anyplace – You Need The Cloud.
OK, I get it. Yes, it is critically important to backup your data. Yes I agree it is very convenient to have access to your data from anywhere. But let’s get something straight here:
• It is MY DATA – not yours.
• I am “RENTING” storage space on YOUR server ( I pay for it often).
• If YOUR server is compromised for any reason – I have NO RECOURSE.
o MY data may be lost forever (whoops).
o MY data may be compromised ( Now I am Mad).
o MY data may even be leaked or stolen by hackers (NO! NOT THAT).
o Is it possible that the company backing up my data may go bankrupt?

The good news is that you can create a solid backup system for YOUR data that will keep your information as safe as anyone else’s out there……
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