2012 Total #Fail Olympics

It’s bad enough if you live on the East Coast of the United States with the Olympics happening in London.  Living in Hawaii I am a total of 10 hours behind London, and with NBC broadcasting things here nearly 10-15 hours after it actually happened it has made the games a total #fail from a viewer perspective.

In all honesty I am not sure it maters with the idiots controlling programming @ NBC. We live in a very connected world, and anyone bidding on a future Olympics better think long and hard how they execute the programming in the future.

All weekend Olympic events that I wanted to watch ended up being spoiled because I was reading about a defeat, upset or  win on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Because of the digital / tape delay my friends on the east coast are chatting it up as they are watching tape delayed. So by the time it airs here in Hawaii I have already heard the details of the event. Even if I was trying to avoid spoilers it is nearly impossible.

Even my kids who wanted to watch some of the swimming events with Phelps were like, dad I already know who won, can we watch a movie? I hate to say this as NBC has done a great job in the past but, what little I have watched is over commented by washed up commentators.

The Olympic coverage has to change if they want it to be watched by a digitally connected world, sponsors make the Olympics happen but what happens when the public tunes out? The Olympic committee will have to figure out a way forward because this connected family is not connecting to 2012 Total #Fail Olympics. [fblike layout_style=’standard’ show_faces=’false’ verb=’like’ font=’arial’ color_scheme=’light’]