BMG Taking down Candidate Romney and President Obama Video Clips

BMG has apparently been caught with some egg on their faces. They issued a YouTube media take down on a Romney political ad that had a small clip of the President singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”. After being called out on it, and told that the same clips of the President Singing was on a huge number of YouTube clips they started issuing take down’s of those videos as well.

So I guess now BMG considers the President a copyright violator! I wonder what he thinks about BMG’s actions.. Do you think they will sue both the Romney and the President for 8 seconds of signing? Sad that BMG considers the President Singing 8 seconds of that song not fair use.

It is obvious to me typical political game play with a backfire, BMG got caught trying to smack down on Candidate Romney. BTW If you search YouTube there are a lot of people singing that song, with much longer versions that are still online.

[Source: TechDirt]

Image: Al Green by BigStock