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TGP #62 SYNACCESS – 5 Outlet Remote Power Management Strip

Posted by Gadget at 1:22 PM on June 23, 2012

Welcome to The Gadget Professor’s NetCast. Show #62 hosted by Don Baine.

Synaccess Networks delivers systems that are highly reliable. Hundreds of thousands of user application systems are connecting to our systems. They offer the most versatile system access methods in Remote Power Management industry. NP-05 provides secured remote power source management operation via TCP/IP networks or local direct connection. Accessing the system is user name and password protected. The system offers easy, quick and reliable operations for your applications.
AC Power Controls – The five AC power outlets are fully controlled via Telnet, Web, or via external Modem.
Autoping and Reboot – The feature enables the system to constantly monitor an IP address for a remote system and executes power reboot whenever the remote system is down. Each outlet has its own thread of AutoPing operation. Programming Interfacing – It provides programmer friendly interfacing capability. The power strip can be easily integrated to your larger systems or facility.
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