JetPack WordPress Plugin Insanity

One of the tools that my bloggers love here at Geek News Central is a plugin called “After The Deadline” after the recent update to WordPress it is now offered only as part of the WordPress JetPack plugin. I had not installed JetPack before and when I did I just about fell out of my chair of all the features they have forced us to have with this bundle.

All I wanted was to update “After The Deadline” and now I had to run this bloated JetPack plugin. Sorry, if I cannot install just the plugina I want to use, I am not going to be forced into running JetPack. Some bloggers are likely very happy with many of the features of JetPack but I had no desire for my website to be over-run by the damn thing.

If this is a sign of more things to come then I shudder to think what I may be forced into by the WordPress team in the future. “I VOTE NO FOR BUNDLING PLUGINS IN JETPACK”